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At our core, Butterr strives to be a timeless, sustainable brand that focuses on high quality, ethically made, natural products.   


Because every bit counts towards preserving the Earth we love. The Butterr Nursing Pillow is made from one of the most sustainable renewable resources in the Amazonian forest, a Rubber Tree called the Heavea Brasiliensis. When collected, the sap of the rubber tree is placed in a mold, steam baked, then dried, to provide one of the finest natural latex. This unique material contains no chemicals, pesticides, synthetics or herbicides that is often found in petroleum based polyurethane foams making it a much safer option for mama and baby. The collection of rubber sap from the Heavea Brasiliensis tree is a sustainable process that does not involve cutting down the tree or damaging the forest. Through the process of tapping, the sap is harvested and the life of the tree and the life all around it, is preserved. 


Embracing a clean, conscious lifestyle that prioritizes the health of our children. As mothers, our intention was to create a high quality, natural, nursing pillow, that provides optimal support, without losing shape over time. After a year of refining every detail, the Butterr Nursing Pillow was born. Plant based cushioning, the finest standards of organic fabrics, water and mold resistant, paired with simplistic intentional design. Purposely designed to bring mama and baby even closer for a magical nursing journey beyond the ordinary. 


It's all in the detail. Thoughtful design is in everything we do. 

We consciously design products that can be repurposed. Each Butterr Nursing Pillow comes in a reusable mesh carrying bag. The mesh bag is intended to carry the pillow on the go, but can also be used as a traveling bag, laundry bag, produce bag, or even a beach toy bag - the reusable possibilities are endless.